tBar is yet another tool bar capable of displaying your system's status in a compact, well readable form. It features different widgets that can be arranged and colored using a provided configuration file. tBar is written in TCL/TK and is licensed under the terms of the GPL 3.


Getting tBar


The following linux distributions have tBar packages, that can be obtained using the designated package management system.

Arch Linux - maintained by farhad
Arch Linux (Experimental) - maintained by bomba


If you want to get the most recent code, you may check out the repository at github:

		git clone git@github.com:siyb/tBar.git

Please note that the master branch does not reflect the most recent development state, but will receive bugfixes from development branches.


Version 1.3 - tbar_1.3.tar.gz - MD5: 494cf4e0ea3f2f7739d02e74b4dd2587
Version 1.3 (StarKit: Linux 32bit) - tbar_1.3_kit.tar.gz - MD5: 6512dedea589a5cbf3670b7d5079a864
Version 1.3rc1 - tbar_1.3rc1.tar.gz - MD5: 42dce3f0f13e4e525ecc5c0581e47660
Version 1.2 - tbar_1.2.tar.gz - MD5: b2d01aa369a24bdf0e0c1aae731bc284
Version 1.2 (StarKit: Linux 32bit) - tbar_1.2_kit.tar.gz - MD5: 1d0539e4ca93f90b573b59b9ec6f530d
Version 1.2rc1 - tbar_1.2rc1.tar.gz - MD5: 589a051c1ca523c232280e4a87e5ecf6
Version 1.1 - tbar_1.1.tar.gz - MD5: 637661a81136a4d5554530e1cc988c13
Version 1.0 - tbar_1.0.tar.gz - MD5: 108e9a5b9adbcb59126e618b88d5bb0a (DO NOT USE, BUGGY!)


Check out the screenshots here, please remember, that the theme is fully customizable (color, size, etc).


Try emailing me at siyb [ a t ] geekosphere.org or join our irc channel, #woot on quipu.mount.at:6697 (SSL only).

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